Educatt is the non-profit foundation entrusted by Università Cattolica with the task of providing services related to the right to study in favour of students during their university career. Today EDUCatt offers its support on Università Cattolica campuses in Milan, Brescia, Piacenza-Cremona and Rome, through a series of interventions and actions designed to make the study path more accessible.

The foundation was created in the name of renewal, inheriting the tradition of service and hospitality from the Regional Institute for the Right to Study (I.S.U.) which gave way to it, and has been fully operational since 1 March 2009, with a Board of Directors appointed by Università Cattolica, and made up of professors and students, among others. EDUCatt Foundation is legally recognised at Prefettura of Milan (act no. 14-12-1341, 29 November 2016).

Starting from the thought on the Right to Study by Father Agostino Gemelli, founder of Università Cattolica – according to whom ‘The ideal is […] to provide all those who cross the threshold of the University, and who deserve it, with the possibility to devote themselves to study and to the formation of their personality, or to prepare themselves for professional practice’ – the focus of EDUCatt’s mission is the value of the attention to the person. In fact, not only should students be supported within a service limit, but they should also be considered as a person to be accompanied towards a future in which they will create value, with their work, professionalism and knowledge.

The main objective is to know and properly interpret the needs of the students, satisfying them through targeted, effective and innovative services.

The organisation’s mission can also be seen in the logo chosen to represent it: special attention is paid to the student and to all university components: professors, technical and administrative staff, institutions and partners.

In line with the founding organisation’s inspiring principles, EDUCatt has chosen a purchasing and partnership policy aimed at establishing constructive collaborative relationships with partners and suppliers who share the organisation’s values and believe in its mission, in order to search for innovative solutions that generate added value for students, who are not only our main interlocutor but also represent the cornerstones of tomorrow’s society: from this point of view, the contingent need for goods can only be a starting point to break away from the usual customer-supplier contacts and dynamics, and to establish a serious and lasting relationship of mutual trust, instead.

The website header photos are by Andrea Aschedamini – Different.Photography and taken inside EDUCatt premises. Some photos have been selected and collected in EDUCatt albums L’Entusiasmo del fare. Un anno insieme.

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