EDUCatt Income and Merit Scholarships

In order to access the scholarships provided by EDUCatt, it is necessary to participate in the Call for Scholarships which is published annually: you can send your application through MyEDUCatt area during the call opening period.

In the Call you can find how to apply and the necessary requirements for participation, which are only valid for the relevant academic year.

The operating service at the EDUCatt Student Hub is available both remotely and in person to provide assistance for everything concerning EDUCatt Scholarships, access to Residences and to Canteens at a reduced price. You can book via the following link, selecting your preferred mode: online or in-presence. Alternatively, you can call No. 02 86450740.

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The amount of fees and contributions to be paid for the enrolment and attendance at Università Cattolica can be offset by various financial helps and support: scholarships, tuition fee reimbursement, cash grants.

These can be obtained according to income and merit requirements, as set out in the call for application, which form the basis of the score for eventual eligibility.

For all necessary clarifications regarding the application, please contact the Student Accommodation and Financial Support Offices in your Campus (find their numbers on the contact page).

All application calls for economic support at Università Cattolica

In the dedicated section you will find a list of all the application calls for Scholarships, Awards and Recognitions implemented by Università Cattolica, together with Istituto Toniolo di Studi Superiori and EDUCatt.

Other information

You can contact the Student Accommodation and Financial Support Offices using the online tool filodiretto or also by e-mail or telephone: the reference addresses for each office can be found on the contact page.

Previous years’ calls

Other Benefits

Call for Extraordinary Grants

EDUCatt, through an annual call for applications, manages some interventions to guarantee the right to study for needy and deserving students.

Read the Call

When the call is open, it is possible to submit the applications from the student’s own MyEDUCatt area.

Scholarships and merit awards provided by Università Cattolica

In addition to the measures envisaged for the right to study, Università Cattolica intervenes in favour of deserving students with financial aids that are granted and regulated by a merit competition held annually in May throughout Italy.

Other Scholarships, Awards and Recognitions at Università Cattolica

In each Campus Università Cattolica offers a wide range of other opportunities and support, including calls for initiatives by companies and private bodies.

Click here to discover the wide range of economic opportunities and aids offered by Università Cattolica on the Milan, Brescia, Piacenza-Cremona and Rome campuses.

Click here to discover the grants provided by Istituto Toniolo.

Other opportunities – StudentWorkEDUCatt and other collaborations

EDUCatt offers a work opportunity exclusively for students. First in Italy, it is a real fixed-term employment contract designed to offer an opportunity to support study for those who cannot benefit from other types of financial aid. In fact, the preferential requirement for selection is to be eligible but not beneficiary of a scholarship, not to have any other kinds of contracts, or be recipients of other forms of aids.

The type of collaboration is designed in such a way that it does not compromise the time to devote to studying and attending academic courses.

The details and the contract terms and conditions offered by StudentWork@EDUCatt can be found in a separate dedicated document.

To apply, please write to, enclosing your Curriculum Vitae.

Other forms of collaboration

EDUCatt offers the possibility of paid training experiences during one’s studies, also with an internship formula, which allows students to collaborate with the Foundation in different areas. The services are offered “from students to students” and are closer to the university community and integrated with it.

To send applications, please write to