Healthcare Assistance

EDUCatt offers the students at Università Cattolica in Milan, Brescia, Piacenza and Rome a Health Care service, with general practitioners and specialist doctors, to which all regularly enrolled students and, depending on the location, also teaching and technical-administrative staff and collaborators can have access.

The locations where the service is active are:

  • Milan, on Campus on the first floor of the Dominicanum building. Here it is possible to take advantage of nursing services, general and specialist dermatological examinations.
  • Brescia, at the EDUCatt premises via Tosio 1. General medical examinations are available here.
  • Piacenza, on the first floor of Collegio S. Isidoro. General medical examinations are available here.
  • Rome, at the EDUCatt premises Largo F.Vito 1. General medical examinations are available here.

For more information on the service, please contact the EDUCatt reference office directly.

“Health at the Centre”

In the Residences in Milan Campus, the experimental health care project La salute al centro (“Health at the Centre”) is active to support the needs of students who live the Residence experience; it is a dedicated nursing support to deal with doubts and respond to needs in a comfortable and safe environment, directly in one’s own facility.

The service is provided by qualified medical personnel as needed, with the support of EDUCatt contact people within the facilities.

The initiative, which is started out on an experimental basis on the Milan campus, initially has involved the guests in Augustinianum, Ludovicianum, Marianum, Paolo VI and Buonarroti residences.

Operating hours and service modalities can be consulted at the concierge’s desk in each residence.

Health Care Contacts

Psychological counselling

EDUCatt offers the students at Università Cattolica in Milan, Brescia, Piacenza and Rome a psychological counselling service, where – by appointment – psychologists and psychotherapists offer support to understand and deal with students’ personal, family and university problems. The aim is to facilitate the clarification of the questions raised, to identify suitable strategies for dealing with discomfort and to promote change. In addition, should the need arise, access to local public and private care services is facilitated.

The service:

  • consists in a series of 10 meetings, renewable once during the university course,
  • guarantees total confidentiality of the emerging content and personal data,
  • costs 50 for each meeting (the first one: €30) to be paid by debit card, credit card or cash depending on the venue. There are reduced fees for students with an ISEE certificate for the right to study less than or equal to €24,335.11.

Psychological counselling coordinator for all locations: Dr Marco Farina


Contacts Psychological counselling

Health conventions

Agreements with external health facilities

It is possible to take advantage of healthcare services at discounted prices in affiliated external facilities.

Here below the list of affiliated facilities in Milan, Brescia and Piacenza.


  • Istituto Auxologico Italiano: via Ariosto 13 Milan, No. 02 619112500, When booking, students must indicate that they benefit from the agreement called FAI EDUCattUniversità Cattolica Studenti. On the day of the appointment, they must show their university badge, identity document and tax code.
  • Cooperativa sociale A.LA.T.HA: Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Centre, No. 02 42257213. Dental Practice, No. 02 42257216, via Savona 37 Milan, (dental and physiotherapy services only).


  • Fondazione Poliambulanza: via Bissolati 57 Brescia CUP Single Reservation Centre No. 030 3514040,


  • Sports Medicine Practice: Dr. Giovanni Arata, via I Maggio 87, 29121 Piacenza, No. 3339590909