Giving voice to students’ opinions and suggestions: this has been the goal of the LIFE Project (Lightening Innovations For Empowerment) for years. Led by a team of psychologists together with the university community, the Project continues its work of listening to and surveying the needs of EDUCatt Foundation’s key stakeholders.

Pursuing this objective, the LIFE Team invites students from Milan, Brescia, Piacenza-Cremona and Rome to participate in the online focus group sessions organized for the month of April, in which a group of candidates will meet the expert staff to analyze and find answers on topics directly concerning them. The aim will be to listen to the voices of the university community and, together, propose useful solutions to improve the services provided by the Foundation.

To apply, you just have to complete the online module before the due dates according to the school: Milan and Rome respectively on April 13th and 14th, immediately followed by Piacenza (April 18th) and Brescia (April 21st): the team will successively contact the registrants to give better details on the initiative and to indicate the log-in modalities.

Below the calendar with the Focus Group’s dates:

Milan, April 18th
Rome, April 19th
Piacenza-Cremona, April 21st
Brescia, April 26th

To filll in the online module, click here.

For further information:

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