We would like to inform students that, following the admission selection as foreseen in the regulation for the call for admission and readmission in the University Residences, there are some accommodation places in Milan campus which have not been assigned yet.

To benefit from such accommodation opportunity, students can show their interest sending a Ticket in MyEDUCatt area (selecting the category “Collegi-Residenze” and the subcategory “Richiesta posto a tariffa INTERA”) starting from Wednesday 27 September 2023 at 1 pm (the date has been anticipated in comparison with what was foreseen in the regulation for the call, specifically 2 October).

In this message, students should provide a phone number and any preference related to the residential structures which are included in the regulation for the call.

The students who are interested will be gradually called back until the exhaustion of the available accommodation options. For any further detail, please check the regulation for the call, especially chapter 13 “MANAGEMENT OF NOT ASSIGNED PLACES”.

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